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Computer Science & Engineering (AI & DS)

Head of The Department -

A.Srinivasa Rao
Mr. A. Srinivasa Rao
HOD & Associate Professor

Computer Science & Engineering (AI & DS)

Pursuing a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at SSIT unfolds a captivating exploration into the frontiers of technology. As the digital era propels us into an era defined by intelligent systems and data-driven insights, SSIT stands as a beacon of innovation and learning.
The program is meticulously crafted, offering students a comprehensive understanding of AI and DS concepts. Beyond theoretical foundations, the curriculum emphasizes practical applications, ensuring graduates are adept at navigating real-world challenges. SSIT's faculty, composed of industry experts and seasoned professionals, enriches the learning experience with valuable insights and guidance.
In a world hungry for AI and DS expertise, SSIT's graduates emerge as leaders, ready to propel innovation and transformation. The program at SSIT isn't just an educational pursuit; it's a transformative journey, preparing individuals to shape the future of intelligent systems and data-driven decision-making.

Department Offers an intake of 60 with total student strength is about 240.


Establish Industry ready high academic standards in Computer Science Engineering education and research and accomplish this goal.


Establish high quality interactive programmes in partnership with other eminent institutes of national importance and train the students to become leaders and masters of technology with academic excellence.


Ultra Modern Labs with more than 200 Systems having multiple platforms like Linux, Windows and Ubuntu. 24/7 Internet Facility through three different ISPs.

Well Experienced and University Ratified Faculty.

Conducting Industry relevant Training Programmes and providing Placements in various MNCs through On-Campus/Off-Campus.
More than 50% Faculty Pursuing Ph.Ds from Reputed Univeristies and publishing Their Research Papers in Various Good Impact Journals.