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Vipassana Educational Trust

Dr.SK Yakoob
Smt. Bandi Anvida

Vipassana Educational Trust

Vipassana Educational Trust, under the leadership of Sri. D. Prabhakar Reddy, has been dedicatedly committed to advancing education opportunities for underprivileged yet deserving students with a vision to uplift educational standards and foster excellence in learning. Recognizing the importance of technical education and its role in empowering rural communities, the Trust embarked on a mission to extend its educational outreach by venturing into the realm of technical education.

Central to its mission is the provision of merit-cum-scholarships to economically disadvantaged students, thereby ensuring that financial constraints do not impede deserving individuals from accessing quality education. Furthermore, the Trust places a strong emphasis on holistic development by actively encouraging student participation in sports and extracurricular activities, recognizing their integral role in fostering well-rounded individuals.

The Vipassana Educational Trust's collaboration with Dr. B. Partha Saradhi Reddy and the establishment of SSIT underscore its steadfast commitment to advancing education, empowering rural communities, and fostering academic excellence. Through its tireless efforts, the Trust continues to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless students seeking to realize their educational aspirations and fulfill their potential.