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Staff Quarters

Staff Quarters

For a better administrative control, Sai Spurthi Provides Quarters for the employees of Sai Spurthi. The Management provides sufficient number of staff quarters named A(Krishna), B(Godhavari) & C(Kinnerasani) Blocks. Every Block has ‘12’ staff quarters. Each and every staff quarter is of a two bed room flat with all provisions like ‘24’ hours supply of electricity & purified water.

Every Block has been equipped with internet, telephone, cable TV connection & ‘24’ hours security arrangement.

The quarters can accommodate ‘41’ families. There is transport facility for school going children. About ‘30’ children are getting the benefit of this facility. There are well designed play ground like shuttle cock court, volley ball, cricket grounds for play. There are two canteens one for gents & one for ladies.

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    A-Block - Krishna

    This Block will be accommodate principal, head of the department & professors.

    B Block - Godhavari

    This block will be accommodate for associative & assistant professors.

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    C Block - Kinnerasani

    This Block will be accommodate for non-teaching staff.