NAAC SSR Criteria-2 Curricular Aspects

Criteria 2- Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

2.1 Student Enrolment and Profile


Average Enrolment percentage (Average of last five years)

  1.1a Assessment Process
  1.1b Attainment of Course
  1.1c Implementation of the Curriculum
  1.1.1 Institution Curriculum Delivery through planned and   documented process
  2.1.2 Average percentage of seats filled against seats reserved for various categories (SC, ST, OBC, Divyangjan, etc. as per applicable reservation policy during the last five years   1.1.2 Number of Certificate and Diploma Program   Introduced
  1.1.2 Proof MBA IS 18-19


2.2 Catering to Student Diversity

  2.2.1 The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organises special Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners   1.2.1 New Courses introduced of the total number of   Courses across all Programmes Offered
  1.2.1 New Courses UG EC UG EE UG CS UG IS UG ME
  2.2.2 Student- Full time teacher ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year) Courses introduced CBCS across all Programmes   offered
  List of CBCS Programs


2.3 Teaching- Learning Process

  2.3.1 Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences   1.3.1 Proof
  2.3.2 Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process.   2.3.2._ ICT 2015-2016
  2.3.2._ ICT 2016-2017
  2.3.2._ ICT 2017-2018
  2.3.2._ ICT 2018-2019
  2.3.2._ ICT 2019-2020
  2.3.2._ ICT_Descriptive
  2.3.3 Ratio of mentor to students for academic and other related issues (Data for the latest completed academic year )   1.3.3 Percentage of students undertaking field projects   internships current year data
  1.3.3 Internship Details EC Department EC Department EE Department IS Department CS Department ME Department CV Department MBA Department MCA Department


2.4 Teacher Profile and Quality

  2.4.1 Average percentage of full time teachers against sanctioned posts during the last five years   1.4.1 Structured Feedback received Feedback GCM Feedback Samples
  2.4.2 Average percentage of full time teachers with Ph. D. / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Superspeciality / D.Sc. / D.Litt. during the last five years (consider only highest degree for count)   2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _1 BioTechnology
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _2 chemistry
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _3 civil
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _4 CSE
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _5 ECE
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _6 EEE
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _7 EIE
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _8 English
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _9 IT
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _10 Maths
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _11 MECH
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _12 MTR
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _13 Physics
  2.4.2 Ph.D proofs for 2019-2020 _14 polymer
  2.4.3 Average teaching experience of full time teachers in the same institution (Data for the latest completed academic year in number of years) Feedback Process Feedback Report & Analysis
2.5 Evaluation Process and Reforms

  2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent and robust in terms of frequency and mode   1.4.1 Structured Feedback received Feedback GCM Feedback Samples
  2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances is transparent, time- bound and efficient Feedback Process Feedback Report & Analysis
2.6 Student Performance and Learning Outcome

  2.6.1 Teachers and students are aware of the stated Programme and course outcomes of the Programmes offered by the institution.   2.6.1 PO'S , PSO'S & CO'S
  2.6.2 Attainment of Programme outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution.   2.6.2 - PO-CO attainment 2015-2016
  2.6.2 - PO-CO attainment 2016-2017
  2.6.2 - PO-CO attainment 2017-2018
  2.6.2 - PO-CO attainment 2018-2019
  2.6.2 - PO-CO attainment 2019-2020
  2.6.3 Average pass percentage of Students during last five years Feedback Process Feedback Report & Analysis
2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey

  2.7.1 Online student satisfaction survey regarding to teaching learning process.    Student Satisfaction Survey