Science & Humanities Department Laboratories

The department consists of following LABS:
  • English Lab
  • Engineering Physics LAB
  • Engineering chemistry LAB
  • Advanced English Communications Language Skills lab

The English lab. is equipped with 67 computers, LCD projector, Web-cam, LAN facility, AC lab. and all the prescribed software like ROSETTA (All English learning, speaking softwares) for the students to get benefited for improving their English speaking skills. We are also proud to say that our English Faculty is outstanding in bringing innovative techniques and teach plethora of English spoken skills to the contentment of student mind-set.

Engineering Physics Lab. creates wide range of practical knowledge about Optics, EM fields and Mechanics. Few of the instruments that the lab is equipped with are Newton's Rings, Wedge Film, AC Sonometer, Spectrometer etc.

Engineering Chemistry LAB is concerned with the study of wide range materials used for different purposes such as Construction in general, Generation and Transmission of Energy, Fuels and Lubricants, Various Industrial troubles like Corrosion, Boiler Troubles and Maintenance of equipment etc. So this subject has vital role in Engineering aspects like Mechanical, Civil, Production etc. for the 1st B.Tech students.

Soft Skills is being introduced for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students to pursue their career. In this lab group discussions,Seminars etc are conducted.

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