The department is equipped with antenna trainer setup to encourage the research activity among the students under the guidance of the department research team. N0 24 various antenna are using to analyze the radiation patterns. The research staff members from the reputed institutions are applying request to do research with this equipment.

Research Grants:

Dr. Y. Srinivasarao garu received Grant from Department of Science and technology Under UGC to extend the research facility on Thin Film sensors

Department inhouse Research:

The Research team of the department developed the communication trainer modules to compete with other product manufacture. The equipment is regularly achieving best design modules from the JNTUH authorities.

Department R & D projects:

In House R&D Department is constantly taking initiation to develop innovative working models (Projects) for encouraging the students during their B. Tech Program. The developed project manuscripts are submitting for publication in reputed International journals.

1. Web Based Weather data acquisition System

The visitors of the college are enabled to know the state of the Sai Spurthi campus environment by opening the link provided at the college web site. This model installed in our model rocket consisting of all the segments of the conventional rocket. This work was approved by International Journal of Engineering Research & technology.

2. Train tracking and signaling system using IRF technology.

Component 5 from Dep of ECE on Vimeo.

The train track was and the train engine was fabricated in the mechanical workshop with the support of expertise senior personalities from the mechanical department. The position of the train and its location can be tracked at the control room provided at the department control panel. The Work was approved by International journal of computer applications New York, USA.

3. RFID-GSM imparted School children Security System.

The department R&D Team developed a methodology to safeguard the school children until they returned to their home. This mechanism is proposed to implement for the School as real time project at the earliest time. The work was approved by Foundation of computer Science, New York, USA.

4. GSM-RFID Autonomous car washing system.

The department R&D Wing developed a working model to automate the car washing and dryer system. Each car status is uploaded to the concerned owner. This work was approved by International Journal of Computer applications New York, USA.

5. MEMS based Wheel Chair for Physically challenged Persons.

A wheel chair designed and developed by the department R&D Team to move freely in all directions without any human support. The geared driving system developed to carry maximum of 80 Kg without any opposing forces. This work is approved by Foundation of computer Science, New York, USA.

6. ROBOT hands movement control using At mega 328.

To welcome the aspirants to the department a robot was developed. This robot will move the hands to say NAMASKARAM with actions and a loud audio voice welcome to department of ECE. This work was approved by Journal of Academia and industrial research.

Research wing key persons:

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