English Language Laboratory


We are proud to say we have enriched the IST year B.Tech Students in communication skills and spoken language. We are teaching the students through the multimedia computers which were established in 2001 with ‘67’ students Consoles stand and a masters console with high quality of head sets. We are using p-IV 1.8 GHZ Processors, 40GB HD AND 250 MB-RAM. Operating system windows 2000XP is used to all the system.

The software which we purchase was Centro nix in 2001 to be strengthened for the students accent in English along with we have virtual C.DS software such as Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Oxford talking Dictionary, talk to me English Grammar in use, Telephoning skills etc.

We also show Audio and Video Visuals through the Sango overhead Projector


Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

Dept of English and Communications play a major role in strengthening the abilities of students and building their careers.

Under the inspiring guidance of secretary and correspondent Sri.M.V.Krishna Reddy, Associate Professor and senior faculty Sri N.R.Rao has been strengthening the department of English with all necessary environments of English with all necessary environment and multimedia instruction at the two well established air conditioned English communication skills lab. The lab contains 39 systems with LCD monitors, LAN and Globarena Latest software. The lab has been equipped with P.A system also. The Lab is very useful to all III B.Tech and MBA and MCA PG students.

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