About Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department was Established in 2001, the Department offers a 4-Year B.Tech Degree programme ,Electronics and Communications Engineering, with an intake of 120 students.

The department undertakes research and development works in leading technologies for forging alliance with various organizations and industry. The department communicated with Texas Instruments for industry Institute collaboration to become a globally recognized center of excellence in the field of electronics and Communication. The department is imparting various skills that cater the needs of the industry.

A student with comprehensive education is the prime motive includes in depth instruction in their chosen field. In order to improve the organization skills, communication and inter personal skills students are encouraged to participate, co-curricular and extracurricular activities on the banner of Trushna by access.



The department development committee constitutes with HOD and associated three senior faculty members. The DDC committee assembles twice in a month to discuss the fourth coming activities and the resolutions will be circulated to all the faculty members time to time for effective implementation.

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