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Thrushna by Access
(Thrushna by Access Student Association Forum)

The Dept of ECE has started students Association "Thrushna by Access" on 23-07-2012

VISION OF Thrushna by Access :

  • To impart high level soft skills among the students with the participation in domestic practice in college.
  • To meet the required qualities of campus selections,competition exams and to reach greater heights in your carrier.
  • To improve the leadership& administration skills among the students through organizing the programs.
  • To eliminate stage fear among the students and become aware with the programs, competition exams& success in campus recruitment.

MISSION OF Thrushna by Access :

  • To Organize the soft skills based programs on weekly basis.
  • To make active participation among the students.
  • To conduct big events like Engineers day, Teachers day, Spurthi'10 & College day
  • The Dept of ECE has started students Association "Thrushna by Access" on 23-07-2012.
  • "Thrushna by Access" has conducted "Dumb Charades" on 14-09-2018.
  • "Thrushna by Access" has conducted "Dubsmash" on 14-09-2018.


A National Level Workshop by Mr. M.Ramakrishna , Senior Associate Engineer in MATLAB

Conducted workshop on Image Processing and Computer Vision @ 18.09.2018.

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