Computer Science & Engineering Department Laboratories

CSE department have following labs

  1. 1.Computer Lab-I
  2. This LAB Consists 32 systems and used to practice for Learningware & Programming such as C++,Java,DBMS and Mini & Main Projects.

    Systems Configuration:  Core 2 Duo Processor,4GB RAM,500GB Hard Disk,17' DELL Monitor

    Softwares:  Open Source Fedora Family/Windows Family,Oracle10g,Mysql,Eclipse and Netbeans tools,JDK1.7 and Tomcat7.0

    Lab Incharge:SK.Yakoob,Assoc.Professor
    Lab Keeper:P.Jaya Kumar

  3. 2.Computer Lab-II
  4. This Lab consists 66 systems and provide the practice for mini & main projects,C++,CN & OS,and Case Tools&Software Tesing.

    Systems Configuration:  Pentium Core 2 Duo Processor,4GB RAM,320GB Hard Disk, Dell 17' Monitors

    Softwares:  Open Source Fedora Family,Windows Family ,Oracle10g,Mysql,Eclipse and Netbeans tools,JDK1.7 and Tomcat7.0

    Lab Incharge:K. Nagamani ,Asst. Professor
    Programmer:Pradeep Vagu

  5. 3.Computer Lab-III
  6. This Lab consists 66 systems and provide the practice for Web Technologies, Java, DBMS and Linux programming &Data Mining.

    Systems Configuration:  Core 2 Duo Processor,3GB RAM,320GB Hard Disk,DELL 17 inches Monitor

    Softwares:  Open Source Fedora Family/Windows Family ,Oracle10g,Mysql,Eclipse and Netbeans tools,JDK1.7,Rational Rose and Tomcat6.0

    Lab Incharge:Ch.Balakrishna,Asst.Professor
    Programmer:M. Srinivasa Rao

  7. 4.Common Internet Center
  8. This Lab consists 30 systems and provide the Internter services to the students and faculties.

    Systems Configuration:  Dual Core Processros,2GB RAM,320GB HDD.

    Softwares:  Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

    Lab Incharge:T. Veeranna ,Assoc. Professor.
    Lab Keeper:D.N.Chari

    • 2 Core i7 for intranet
    • 3 HP prolient ML 110G5 for internal web servers.
    • 2 IBM(x3400) for Internet Sharing
    • 297 Pentium based systems with multimedia facilities
    • Capable of getting connected to all server and every other systems over TCP/IP backbone
    • All systems having access with INTERNET/Intranet.


  • a) System Softwares :

    i. Fedora 17 Server Edition.

    ii. Fedora 17 Enterprise Edition.

    iii. Microsoft Windows XP/7/8

    iv. Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition

  • b) Application Softwares :

    i. Open Office 3.2

    ii. Java (jdk1.7)

    iii. Xampp 1.7.1

    iv. EZ School(Student Monitoring System)

    v. MySQL 5.5

    vi. Gcc 3.04(C & C++ Compiler for Linux)

    vii. MyEclipse 3.4 and Netbeans

    vii. Oracle 10g

    vii. Apach Tomcat7.0 server

    viii. Lime Survey (Online Feedback System)

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