Boys Hostels

Boys Hostel Information

A separate limited hostel accommodation is available for both boys and girls on the campus, which accommodates in 3 bedded rooms and provided table and chair for each. The hostel facility is provided only on first come first served basis.

The hostel is provided with Gym, TV room, hot water, cool water and generator. We conduct study hours by faculty and provide reading halls also.

Extra care in providing hygienic and nutritive food at subsidized rates in its cafeteria. So, with doubled stamina, students continue their academic discussions, career plans, and spicy chats in the excellent insides of the cafeteria setting themselves free from the inevitable spells of fatigue.

The daily activities of the hostel are observed by the wardens

Wardens :

  • Mr. Kanaka Raju (9842270579)
  • Mr. Ch. Sivaji (8341132414)
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